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About us

The Commission is here to connect people around the world and make decisions that are positive for the ecosystem, and maintain a code of honor that distinguishes it from others.

Renounced ownership

The contract cannot be modified since it has been renounced.


Great collaborations with the most important projects in the ecosystem.

7% Buy tax

5% Auto liquidity
2% Marketing wallet.

The Commission Treasury

The Commission will be holding tokenized gold in its treasury. It will also hold other commodities including tokenized Real Estate as well as top tier blockchain projects.

Real gold Staking

Two different types of staking options for its holders. CMSN and PAXG.

9% sell tax

5% Auto liquidity
4% Marketing Wallet.

Dapps, donations and much more!

A different project concept.

The Commission is an ETH blockchain DeFi project that has developed a new and innovative marketing concept built around the direct participation of its community. There will be weekly trials where its members will vote and make a decree on the Saitamask “token of the week” (which will receive 1% of taxes to buy/burn their token), as well as trials to decide charitable donations, contest winners, and much more.


In addition to holding gold in our treasury, The Commission will partner with the best projects and charities globally. These hodlings will be paid out as a dividend to our hodlers quarterly upon sale.

staking dapp

How does this work.

An investor will lock their $CMSN tokens away into the pool for LOCK TIME period. This will help stablize volatile price action and encourage individuals to hold.

1.  Visit website

2. Connect Your Wallet

4. Deposit Tokens

5. Let The Gold Roll In!

Our Gold treasury vault is to encourage our community to support and
hold CMSN tokens. All you have to do is deposit PAXG into our vault within
one of our vesting periods and buy CMSN tokens. Let the profits roll in and
withdraw your PAXG after the vesting period is over.
• Vault contract will hold PAXG in its balance until the vesting period ends
and it is returned to the holder
• Any investor can deposit PAXG into our vault within specified vesting
periods (no limit to the size)
• After the vesting period is over, investors can withdraw the same amount
of PAXG they deposited.
• Other projects that The Commission invests in will be held in our treasury
as well. These assets will be collateralized with GOLD.

Claiming rewards is simple, all you need to do is visit our dApp, open the
staking page and click on the claim button.
Please be aware: Once you stake with certain amount into the pool, you can
not add more tokens. And there is a staking acceptance duration of 2 days
for the staking pool and if you miss this timing, you are not able to stake into
the pool.
There is a staking penalty and if you withdraw before the pool ends, 9% of
CMSN will be transferred to marketing wallet as tax to support the team.


Find out how The Commission works and be part of
this great community that is constantly growing with innovative ideas.

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